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Window Cleaning NYC – Why choose us ?

Window Cleaning NYC : Why Choose US ?

  • -We are a team of well trained, fully insured, and licensed professionals.
  • -Window cleaning is all we do that’s why we are the best at it.
  • -Our customer satisfaction rate is 100% that’s why most of our business comes from repeated customers.
  • -We are never late for an appointment
  • -Our staff is always friendly and polite
  • -All of our window professionals are always neat and in uniform

Window cleaning is a type of business that attracts many part-time and some true non – professionals. That’s why you should be careful when choosing a window cleaning company for your home or business.

Before hiring a window cleaner you have to make sure to check the following:


  • Does your window cleaning company have an insurance certificate(an absolute must )?
  • Does your window cleaning company have a worker compensation certificate(an absolute must )?
  • Do your window cleaners wear company uniforms?
  • Do your window cleaners use professional equipment and chemicals?
  • Does your window cleaning company have a web-site?
  • Is your window cleaning company listed in a phone book?
  • Can they present a certificate of insurance upon your request?



If your window cleaner can not present the certificate of insurance and worker compensation certificate you are putting yourself at risk, because if an accident occurs you will be responsible for the accident?

With Window Cleaning NYC you do not have to worry about anything, because we are fully qualified and insured.

For commercial and residential widow cleaning call now 212 – 991 – 8923
We will be pleased to provide a free estimate for any size job

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