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Gutter cleaning, although not the mainstay of our business is a very important part of what we do, to offer a complete cleaning service to our customers that we value so much.

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Leaves, needles and twigs from trees fall all winter long, not just in autumn, and it does not take much of an accumulation to completely block a gutter. It usually happens at the entry to a downspout when debris traveling the channel of a gutter can’t make the turn because of a few items, like twigs, are narrowing the entry. A few leaves pile up on a few twigs and before you know it there is a complete dam created. If left through the winter all kinds of problems may occur including overrunning of the gutter and destructive ice damming.

In freezing weather, snow from a warm roof in the sun, especially a poorly insulated roof, melts and runs down to the gutter. If not allowed to flow properly by blockages, the standing water freezes and the next runoff ponds on top of the ice build up. It then freezes in layers until the gutter becomes completely filled with ice. The water then has nowhere to go but up under the roofing and into the building or it cascades down to a lower roof causing premature damage where it lands. It may also cascade onto the ground and digging a moat where it will wash away soil around the foundation, weakening it. Cracks may form in the foundation allowing moisture inside which expands when frozen causing leakage into the basement.

NYC Window Cleaners offer regularly scheduled gutter cleanings in the fall, early winter and spring to keep your gutters running free and keeping excess water away from the building where it cannot pose a thereat to the integrity of the structure. Do not risk water intrusion that can damage property and belongings. Call us today and keep your home or building safe and dry all year round.

NYC Window Cleaners offer gutter cleaning to customers in the entire New York Metropolitan area as part of our total cleaning service.


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