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Residential service

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Our window cleaning service is provided to you by people who was trained and equipped professional way. You will never see us using newspapers or paper towels to clean your windows. We always use the right equipment to threat your windows the best way.

Each window is cleaned with a squeegee, all edges are wiped with chamois, sills & screens are cleaned.
You do not have to hurt yourself moving your furniture away from windows. Our crew is going to do it for you at no additional charges. We will put back your favorite picture or vase on its place when we moved it. You do not have to clean your home or business after us. Because we respect every customer and his property like it’s our own. We always wear shoe covers if it is necessary. We always cover your furniture and floor next to the window. So you can do not worry about any water drops by accident. And as always you will love the way we work.

Regular Window Cleaning
Regular window cleaning is the way of cleaning your window when we use a window cleaning soap, washer, squeegee and a chamois to clean it. It is the easiest way to clean your window. You will see no streaks and dirty spots guaranteed.
The process of Regular window cleaning is not expected to remove paint, sealants or glass stain damage.
The average rate is $10-12 per window.

Post renovation Post construction Window CleaningGlass scraping
Is the process when we first remove paint, silicone and sealants from the glass and then we do the regular window cleaning. This process takes much more time and the cost is usually higher then Regular Window Cleaning. But it works perfect and your windows will look sparkle new and cleaned. Especially if you just had a construction or paintings work done inside or outside of your property.
The average price is $13-16 per window.

Air Conditioners Removal & Reinstallation
Very often to properly clean your window we’d have to remove your air conditioning unit. We have all necessary tools and our technicians are properly trained to safely remove and reinstall your AC unit. And we can offer you installation of your AC unit the right way. So you can easily open your window and we can easily clean it. Many people have their AC units just screwed in to the window. We offer you another option without damaging your window frame. It is easy for you and it is easy for us.
The average price is $25-40 per AC unit. Depending on the size (How many BTU’s) and the installation way.

Your Lighting never looked so good! We will make it shine like brand new. Believe us you will be surprised after we cleaned your chandeliers. .
The average price is $50-70 per chandelier.

Ceiling Fans Cleaning
We clean all types of ceiling fans.
The average price is $15-25 per fan.

Bird Protection installation
We can offer you a bird protection installation. It is good for your business and home and it keeps your window sills and AC units clean. Please call us to get a free in-house estimate for that kind of job.

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We will respond immediately to your window cleaning needs.


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