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Window Cleaning NYC :

If you hire a window cleaner for your window cleaning NYC project who cannot provide a General Liability Insurance Certificate and a Workers Comp Certificate (an absolute must), you are putting yourself at considerable risk for liability should something go wrong.

<p >Are all of your workers fully insured ?

  • We carry $3,000,000 General Liability Insurance as well as Workers Compensation Insurance and Disability Benefits for our employees. Each of our window care professionals can provide you with a copy of our Insurance certificate at any time, upon your request.

We will provide a certificate of insurance upon request.

To prepare proper certificate of insurance we need sample of it from your building management company or if you know names of Holder and Additional Insured parties you can email it to us at
ask@nycwindowcleaners.comor fax it to: 888-551-5385. It will save your time and your window cleaning project will be scheduled faster.

Certificate of Insurance usually takes 24 hours to prepare.

Window Cleaning NYC          Window Cleaning NYC

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