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Commercial Window Cleaning- All You Need To Know

Commercial Window Cleaning- All You Need To Know About Our Great Services…

Commercial window cleaning is a big job to take on and requires professional expertise, trained staff, proper and up-to-date equipment as well as safety procedures. Contrary to what a lot of people think, commercial window cleaning has little to do with what we usually call “simple window cleaning services”. Theses services simply aren’t equipped to deal with high-rise commercial buildings and their many different window structures and inherent difficulties.

A typical New-York City skyscraper is a good example of what commercial window cleaning would involve as far as work, expertise and equipment requirements are concerned. At, we have gained tremendous experience and expertise in commercial window cleaning over the last 10 years. In fact, our commercial window cleaning service department has developed beyond our own expectations and become our most popular cleaning service on offer since we established our company in 2002.

The reason for our success is simple. We have a highly specialized and dedicated team of professional cleaners who have gained proper professional training over the years as well as invaluable experience and have become as efficient at cleaning a simple storefront window, a high-rise apartment building or one of those huge skyscrapers.

Our team of hard working, committed and fully-equipped commercial window cleaners can literally clean any type of windows on any building. Thanks to our proper up-to-date equipment, we are able to adapt to any structure and cleaning the very large windows and glass surfaces of a New York high-rise commercial building has become a routine jobs for our NYC Window Cleaners teams.

Now, we not only pride ourselves on our perfect cleaning methods but we also like to pride ourselves on our ability to know exactly which type of equipment is needed for which particular building. Our great teams are used to evaluating professionally what needs to be done on any type of building.

Depending on the size, structure and construction material of a particular building, our commercial cleaning service people will complete a thorough evaluation before getting on with the job. This is our promise to you.

Needless to say that we also take safety rules and regulations very seriously- whether we have been contracted to clean a medium-sized storefront window or the large windows of a skyscraper in or around New-York City.

But that’s not all. Our services extend much further than commercial window cleaning and that’s clearly what separates us from our competitors. Cleaning windows can sometimes alter and tarnish the glass material, and if this is the case, we offer a wide range of solutions to repair and restore a window instead of having it replaced. Replacing windows are expensive and NYC Window Cleaners can prevent you this extra unnecessary expense by providing a great restoration service.

Our other useful services include window tinting and once again, no matter how tall or seemingly out-of-reach the windows appear to be, at, our team of experts has been fully trained to carry out these specific tasks in the best professional manner.

Commercial window cleaning

Commercial window cleaning

Finally, commercial window cleaning doesn’t have to be expensive even if the building is located in the heart of New-York City for instance. This is what most business owners assume when they start looking for a commercial window cleaning company. Our

prices are more than fair and whilst it’s true that some companies have a tendency to inflate their prices based on the location itself, we refuse to operate that way. Fairness is important to us.

Our prices reflect our expert work and because we carry out a thorough evaluation of the work that needs to be done along with the equipment and the workforce needed for the tasks, our fees are always reasonable.

Also, because we work so closely with our customers and can offer them an exact quote, they are often delighted to notice the significant saving they end up making by choosing us over our competitors.  Evaluating correctly what needs to be done before getting on with the job itself is another great perk you will be getting when you choose NYC Window Cleaners as your commercial window cleaning company.

We can provide commercial window cleaning and many other services at a very reasonable cost within New-York City, Brooklyn and the surrounding areas. We are happy to discuss your needs and our great customer service team will be delighted to respond to any queries you may have about our services. To discuss your commercial window cleaning needs, please do not hesitate to call now toll free on 888-444-5890. You will not be disappointed.

Window Cleaning by NYC Window Cleaners

Window Cleaning by NYC Window Cleaners